Information about you will be gathered and used to adapt and improve our content, when you visit and use our website. If you do not wish for information to be gathered you should delete your cookies (See guide) and avoid further use of this website. Down below we have elaborated what information that is being gathered, their purpose and what third parties that might have access to them.



GRAN LIVING's websites uses “cookies”, which is a text file that is saved on the computer, mobile phone etc. with the purpose of recognizing the device, remember their settings, provide statistics and/or targeting advertisement. Cookies can’t contain harmful codes such as viruses.

It is possible to delete and block cookies. See the guide above.

Deleting or blocking of cookies will result in GRAN LIVING’s websites being less optimal for you as an end-user.


Personal information:

In general:

Personal information is all kind information that in one way or another can refer back to a psychical person. When you use the GRAN LIVING websites we are gathering and processing a number of these information.



We have made technical and organizational steps against your information, both by accident and/or illegally, gets deleted, published, lost, degraded or accessed by unauthorized personal, abused or in other way not being processed according to the law.



The purpose with cookies on GRAN LIVING’s websites is to improve our services and content the best way possible for you as a user. GRAN LIVING’s webpages do not contain any advertisement, but will still track your movement to improve advertisement on other webpages.


Storage period:

The information is only being stored in the amount of time allowed by the applicable law and we delete the information when it is no longer needed. The period depends on the characteristic of the information and the reason for the storage. Because of this, we can’t give a generel time period for when the information and cookies will be deleted.

Transfer of information:

Data about your use of the website, what advertisement you are receiving and clicks on, geographical placement is transferred to third parties if this information is known.

We are only using a small number of third parties to storage and handling of the data. These data processers are only handling the information on behalf of us and can’t use the information for their own purpose.

Transfer of personal information such as name and e-mail etc. will only happen with yours accept. We only use data processers inside the EU.

Access and complaints:

You have the right to access to the personal data we are processing about you. It is at any time possible to make objections against the information being processed. You can also withdraw yours accept regarding the information we are processing regarding you. If the information we are processing about you are wrong you have the opportunity to get it corrected or deleted. For any requests regarding these topics please contact: It is also possible to contact the Danish Data Authority (Datatilsynet) if you have any complaints about our processing of your personal data.


Personal data policy at GRAN LIVING ApS:

In GRAN LIVING we see it as a great responsibility to process and protect the information we have about our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors on our websites. The information we have stored is only the most necessary to give you the best experience of our websites. To make the business with GRAN LIVING even better and safer our philosophy is always towards making the processing as gently as possible.

It will at any time be possible for our customers, employees and other users to access the information GRAN LIVING is in possession of regarding you. Any information that is not correct can be corrected or deleted on your request (unless we by law are required to keep it stored) and GRAN LIVING do not transmit information we are in possession of, unless we have an agreement towards this with the specific individual. Should you have any complaints about how GRAN LIVING handle personal data please contact GRAN LIVING data controller or the Danish Data Authority (Datatilsynet).

For any requests or questions regarding the abovementioned topics please contact



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